Ebram Nashaat

Management Student

” I was honored to be part of 3 Courses at IOETI. I learned a lot of things and added to my skills and experiences. Such a fruitful experience. “


Walid Kotb

Project Manager of SWAN BAZAAR

“ One of my objectives and targets in life, was to have enough knowledge to move forward with new business ideas. IOETI helped me a lot in the long and short terms to achieve this. I surely recommend IOETI as an inspiring platform, where you can find knowledge, consultation and practical learning to boost your potential. ”

hassan musleh

Hassan Musleh

GM at Trans Egypt Travel

“ IOETI’s teaching system is highly experienced, and the level of service is outstanding. My whole Sales Team was trained by IOETI and the progress they have made since is remarkable. So glad I chose them for the job.”


Khairy Nasr

IT Manager

“ I really enjoyed learning new skills about project management and business in general at IOETI. The quality level of learning is the best and I recommended it for all entrepreneurs. Superb learning experience and expert instructors. ”


Mohamed El-Kadeem

CEO at Octasy

“ I feel inspired and really look forward to carry on my skills, having found out about business building and initiating projects. I love IOETI because now I have the know-how in project management. ”

Nada Houssam

Hanna Houssam

Mass Comm Student

“ I really enjoyed the Digital Marketing Course at IOETI. The projects we had to deliver in the course gave me hand-on experience in the main field in digital marketing like Google and Facebook ads. Also, the certificate I was given from IOETI helped me get an internship at a reputable travel agency. ”


Bassant Mohamed

Languages Student

“ The most important and useful thing I learned from the Course at IOETI was personal branding. The instructors put us on the right track to promote our skills and knowledge so that we easily find our selves a place in the job market as soon as we graduate.  ”